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Residenz neuhaus Sehenswertes Hermannsdenkmal

Hermannsdenkmal near Detmold
The spectacular monument built by the Cheruscan Arminius.

Residenz neuhaus Sehenswertes Externsteine

Externsteine near Detmold
The Externsteine are part of mountain range of the Teutoburger Wald. They are bulit in about 70 million years ago. The distinctive rock group is part of the same nature reserve.

Residenz neuhaus Sehenswertes Freilichtmuseum Detmold

Westphalian Open-Air Museum
A museum for you ...
90 hectares and over 100 buildings you'd expect: Germany's largest open-air museum offers from April to October varied experiences and activities. Seasonally variable, depending on the weather, you always learn new impressions of life in the country.

Residenz neuhaus Sehenswertes Adlerwarte

Eagle-Park Berlebeck
The Berlebeck eagle-point is a bird park in the district of Detmold Berlebeck. It was founded in 1939. Not only because of its location near the Hermannsdenkmal is it a popular destination.
Nicely landscaped and conveniently located for the flight of birds on a ridge, houses the eagle Berlebeck 34 different raptor species with a total of 84 specimens. Free-flight demonstrations.

Residenz neuhaus Sehenswertes Schloss Detmold

Schloss Detmold and Altstadt
The old city-centre of Detmold impresses with its very preserved buildings and the special flair of "Lippe-Style" structure. Here you will find the chateau.

Residenz neuhaus Sehenswertes Schloss Corvey

Corvey Abbey
Corvey (obsolete even Corvey) is a former Benedictine abbey in Höxter. Corvey was one of the most important Carolingian monasteries, it had one of the most valuable libraries of the country and many bishops emerged from the abbey. In Corvey is the grave of the poet Hoffmann von Fallersleben, who supervised the Princely Library of Corvey as librarian of the Duke of Ratibor and Prince of Corvey, with about 74000 pieces. The Corvey Castle, the former Abbey, offers a delightful blend of art and culture.

Residenz neuhaus Sehenswertes Museum Fürstenberg

Fürstenberg porcelain factory
The Fürstenberg porcelain factory was based on 11 January 1747 in Furstenberg at the Weser by Johann Georg von Langen commissioned by Duke Carl I of Brunswick and set up manufacturing today is the second oldest porcelain factory in Germany on the same site.

Residenz neuhaus Sehenswertes Stadt Paderborn


The city of Paderborn is a centre of Catholic church history, a worthwhile destination. The Paderborn cathedral is a time-shared home of the Libori-shrine; the Imperial place, built in the days of King "Karl the great", the old town around the Paderquellgebiet worth seeing witnesses of westphalian history.

Residenz neuhaus Sehenswertes HNF Paderborn

HNF - the largest computer museum in the world
Paderborn as a pioneer of the data processing centre offers the HNF, the Heinz Nixdorf Museum Forum, an impressive insight into the history of computing, from cuneiform to the supercomputer. Changing special exhibitions round out the picture for the visitors from worth a visit.

Residenz neuhaus Sehenswertes Wewelsburg

Triangular castle with museum
Wewelsburg is a castle in the suburb of the city Wewelsburg Büren in Paderborn. It lies above the Almetal and is the only known with a triangular floor plan castle in Germany. Wewelsburg was built in its present form, reigning from 1603 to 1609 of Paderborn Bishop Dietrich von Furstenberg (1585 to 1618).  Today, the well-preserved complex includes an exhibition on its role during the Nazi era.

Residenz neuhaus Sehenswertes Schloss Arolsen

Schloss Arolsen
Schloss Arolsen is a baroque palace in Bad Arolsen, which was built from 1710 to 1728. The castle was built as a three-winged complex, followed in an English garden. The central architectural design element is a large roundabout.

Residenz neuhaus Sehenswertes Kloster Dalheim

Kloster Dalheim
Since 2007, Koster Daheim houses a unique museum of monastic culture in Germany's history. Significant and valuable exhibits find their place within the almost completely preserved monastery complex, which has until now maintained their impressive strength and peace.

Residenz neuhaus Sehenswertes Safaripark Stukenbrock

Hollywood-Safaripark Stukenbrock
In the Hollywood and Safari Park live exotic animals in huge outdoor enclosures, which are closely matched to their natural environment. You find brown and white tigers, lions, elephants, camels, giraffes, rhinos, antelopes, zebras ... and many more. Circa 600 animals have found a new home in Hollywood and Safari Park Stukenbrock. Visitors had the chance to experience wild animals from their car - in "natural surrounding".

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