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Residenz neuhaus Sehenswertes Gräflicher Park

Gräflicher Park
Contemporary garden design and charm of the founding combine in the 65ha large multi award-winning park. Well-kept lawns, in the course of changing border-plants, rare and ancient style of tree plantations as oak, maple and exotic ginkgo trees are dominant.                                                                                                                                                         

Residenz neuhaus Sehenswertes Arboretum

Adolf-Buddeberg Park, is a plantation of over 200 native and exotic trees and shrubs from all over the world on an area of about 10 hectares.   

Residenz neuhaus Sehenswertes Modellbahn Bad Driburg

The model railroad in Bad Driburg
Here you can experience an entertaining journey through time in the summer of 1975! The trains like the real thing by deceptively real-looking landscapes.

Residenz neuhaus Sehenswertes Iburg

Located on a steep cliff the ruin Iburg, the landmark of Bad Driburg was built in several phases in the 8. and 9. Century. The rampart called "Sachsenwall" enclose an area of over 4 hectares.
When the weather is fine, you can catch a beautiful panoramic view of Bad Driburg from the Iburg.

Residenz neuhaus Sehenswertes Burg Dringenberg

Burg Dringenberg
For centuries, the massive castle dominates the 298 m high mountain, on the skyline of Dringenberg. Construction has begun at 1318. The last major reconstruction took place under Bishop Rembert von Kerssenbrock in 1550. The castle was the summer residence of the Paderborn Bishops. The good preservation of the castle Dringenberg guaranties a worthwhile excursion.

Residenz neuhaus Sehenswertes Neuenheerse

In Neuenheerse are the castle and the abbey church, which is also known as "Eggedom" worth a visit. The Gothic hall church was built in 1100-1130, first as a three-aisled columned basilica. Look for the four Baroque altars - and listen to the historical organ from 1713.

Residenz neuhaus Sehenswertes Nieheim

The Culinary theme-world of eastern Westphalia.
In the Westfalen-Culinarium, situated in the historic center of Nieheim, you can experience the entire culinary diversity of Westphalia! Through the creative preparation and presentation, you will find the right balance between scientifically correct conception and authentic presentation.
Here all your questions about the "five basic Westphalian food-elements" bread, cheese, ham, beer and liquor, are answered thoroughly and pleasurable.

Residenz neuhaus Sehenswertes Viadukt Altenbeken

Altenbekener Viaduct
The Altenbekener viaduct is a 482 m long and up to 35 m high viaduct which spans to 24 arches. He is considered the largest limestone-bridge in Europe, and is one of the oldest witnesses of the railway history of Germany.

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